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With Forcefield’s App Sleeper, you can remotely turn off apps, games and social networks on all of your kids’ mobile devices from your phone. Sleep apps on demand, or on a repeating schedule so kids can be present, concentrate on homework, and sleep without digital distractions.

Forcefield’s Browsing Controls let you lock in YouTube Restricted Mode and Google SafeSearch.

Forcefield’s Daily Activity Report shows you all websites your kids visit, at what time of day and for how long.

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At Forcefield, we understand that no parent is able to physically supervise their children online anymore. In a wireless world, you must have a wireless solution.

Sleep apps on demand, lock in YouTube Restricted Mode and SafeSearch, and see photos they share on social media.

*Forcefield currently supports only Apple computers, iPhones & iPads on child devices.
*Parents can use our iOS or Android app as well as our website.

The Forcefield Library includes hundreds of websites and educational apps that have been exhaustively reviewed. Categorized by age, interest and educational subject, each has been expert tested and kid approved!

Forcefield’s App Report provides a real-time connection to what apps are on all of your kids’ devices, 24/7. Get instant notifications every time your child installs or uninstalls any app; see all apps installed on their devices from the convenience of your phone.

Forcefield’s Photo Report lets you see every image your child posts on social networks — all from your phone or parent dashboard.

Photo Report currently supports Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr


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*Forcefield currently supports only Apple computers, iPhones & iPads on child devices. 
Parents can use our Android or iOS app as well as our website.

Free Setup Help and Guided Tour With a Live Technician

Would you like us to walk you through the installation on your kids’ devices and give you a tour of the product? Once you have created your account, click here to schedule a free phone appointment. 

No one can un-see horrifying images. Now my daugter can browse the internet without finding the crazy stuff.
Rebecca W. 

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“What exactly has my kid been doing online? Before it was a black hole. Now I know.”
Will F.
"Just knowning I am going to see the photos and videos she posts online has solved all issues in our house."
Natalia W.

"Our sons' apps go off at 9 pm on school nights. No discussion required." 
Kate A.